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Luxtrar Chocolates
Luxtrar Chocolates

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Luxtrar Chocolates

Luxtrar Homemade Chocolates

Luxtrar Homemade Chocolates, is a Kerala based company. We specialize in making best homemade chocolates and offer a wide range of flavours to choose from. Luxtrar homemade chocolates are 100% vegetarian.

Great chocolate looks great: it has a shine, a lustre, an apparent freshness, a sharpness, that everyday chocolate just doesn’t have. When you taste one of our homemade chocolates, you will immediately notice the clean taste and smoothness of the chocolate, which gives our luxtrar homemade chocolates their characteristic luxury taste.

We create our own recipes and being the best of its quality, we didn’t fail to savour the taste of the customers.


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Luxtrar Chocolates
%Homemade Chocolates%

Homemade Chocolates

Luxtrar develop original and unique quality recipes with complex yet balanced flavors.

Luxury Cakes

Luxtrar offer you a huge variety of delectable cakes to make your celebrations special and grander.

Handcrafted Products

Luxtrar provide Highest Quality, Ultra Healthy and Pure Organic Coconut Oil and Best Tasting Homemade Pickles.

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Luxtrar Chocolates

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Luxtrar Chocolates
"Delicious and yummy chocolates baked with love for the customer ❤. Packing is awesome, feel like a gift 🎁 from friends, relatives, etc.Especially Milk chocolate is finger licking.. 🥛🍫"
Jincy Jose

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“I am just speechless! You have the best customer service. I appreciate all you do. I love your chocolates and i will keep coming back. Thank you so much.”
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Teesan Thambi
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